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Benitez Rejects New Contract: How Much Longer Will Rafa Be the Gaffa?

rafa-benitez-2Rafa Benitez rejected a new Liverpool contract, because he will not be given complete autonomy over transfer policy.

Benitez wanted to hire a director of football type person, answerable to himself, who would handle transfer negotiations within a predetermined budget.  Current transfer control rests with chief executive Rick Parry.

Having that infrastructure would avoid situations similar to last summer’s Gareth Barry saga.  Benitez spent nearly three months orchestrating an £18m deal for the Villa midfielder, only to have it vetoed by the club’s owners.

According to the Times, Hicks supports that plan, but Gillett and Parry do not.

Real Madrid will be looking for a permanent manager after this season.  If Liverpool don’t sort the situation to the Benitez’s satisfaction, don’t discount a return to his home country.


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Liverpool Receive a Six Month Loan Extension


Being rich has its benefits.  Including the extension of a lot more credit.

The Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia granted Liverpool’s American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett a six-month extension on their $500m loan used to purchase the club.

Repayment or refinancing was originally required by Jan. 25.  The new deadline is July 24.

The move solves short-term financial pressures on the club.  However, Liverpool must refinance the loan eventually, likely assuming even more debt in the process.

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Headlines: Rafael van der Vaart Has His Priorities Straight

rafael-van-der-vaart-familyRafael van der Vaart intentionally got booked to be suspended the day of his wife’s birthday. (Dirty Tackle)

West Ham has a new sponsor, fitting for some of their players. (Off the Post)

Vancouver may drop MLS bid without public stadium funding. (MLS Rumors)

Steven Gerrard gets a tower in Dubai (The Telegraph)

Gillett may lose his Liverpool share in January (Unprofessional Foul)

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Credit Crunch May Force Sale of Liverpool

The credit crisis may force Tom Hicks and George Gillett to end their excellent adventure into English football by selling Liverpool F.C.

The dynamic duo bought the club on credit (you can do that when you are a billionaire).  However, they need to restructure their £350m ($567m) loan by Jan. 25, and, given the current financial climate, the Royal Bank of Scotland, having been recently bailed out by the British government, may not comply.

Groups in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai have been interested in buying Liverpool, but not at the Americans’ £550m ($891m) asking price.

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