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TBL: Beckham Considers Staying in Milan, MLS Should Let Him


Here is my latest post for The Big Lead.  The title explains fairly, what the article is about.


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Arsenal Will Claim Walcott Injury Pay from FA

Arsene Wenger corroborated reports that Arsenal will seek compensation from the English FA for Theo Walcott’s wages, as he recovers from a dislocated shoulder suffered during England training.  Walcott will likely be out until February.  Reports rumor the sum at seven figures.

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Theo Walcott to Miss 10 Weeks With Dislocated Shoulder

theo-walcott_01Arsenal starlet Theo Walcott will miss 10 weeks after dislocating his shoulder during an England training session. A hereditary condition weakens the 19-year-old’s shoulder ligaments.    It was his right soldier, not his left, operated on last March.

Walcott should return for England’s next meaningful match next spring.  Arsenal, however, will take a punch to the face.  If he returns as scheduled, Walcott still would miss the remaining two Champions League group stage ties and eleven Premier League matches, including showdowns with Chelsea (Nov. 30) and Liverpool (Dec. 21).

Gooners surely will delight about more Emmanuel Eboue on the right wing or farcical four central midfielder formations.

The incident certainly questions the cramming of meaningless international friendlies into an already congested fixture list, and it plausibly questions why robust midweek England training let a lummox like Scott Parker near Walcott.

As argued by Arseblogger, the FA should pay Walcott’s wages for the interim.  If I barged into a friend’s apartment, picked up his lovely porcelain vase that tied the room together and hurled it carelessly across the room, I would pay for it.

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Headlines: Pujols On Board With St. Louis MLS bid

pujIf St. Louis gets their MLS franchise bid, Albert Pujols will be part of the ownership group. (The Beautiful Game)

Robinho goes green, uses public transport. (Off the Post)

This “wild Bor” is currently Mayor of London. (YouTube)

Forbes released its “Richest Men in Soccer” List. (Dirty Tackle)

John Terry challenges England youngsters to prove they deserve a place.  Who is challenging John Terry? (Setanta)

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Capello the Chip Nazi

capelloFabio Capello revealed one of his blueprints for England’s success, dietary restrictions.

The Italian manager banned both fries and ketchup from the team, stressing the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

His regime resembles the diet imposed at Arsenal by Arsene Wenger, which limits players’ intakes of fat and sugar, emphasizing vegetables, rice and lean protein.

There has, however, been a voice of dissent from noted dietary expert Harry Redknapp.

I know the odd indulgence doesn’t hurt players from time to time…besides, what can you do? Can you follow a player home to check if his missus is giving him steak and kidney pie for tea instead of pasta?

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Hargreaves Out for the Season

owen-hargreaves1Owen Hargreaves will be out for at least the remainder of the season.

Owen Hargreaves will miss the rest of the season following a successful operation on his right knee.

The midfielder will also undergo an operation on his left knee in a few weeks’ time under the guidance of knee specialist Richard Steadman in Colorado.

Sir Alex “hopes” Hargreaves, 27, will start next season, but simultaneous knee operations for a sport where running is the primary task does not bode well.

See you in 2010, Owen.

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Premier League Will Target Thirty Players for Extra Drug Testing

rio_ferdinand_2004In compliance with the Football Association and UK Sport, the Premier League will place thirty players into a special big-brother-like drug testing regime.

The thirty players, chosen by the FA based on previous patterns, will report their location to officials 365 days per year.  They will face suspension if not in their designated place.  The FA will test these players five times per year, along with normal, random post-match testing.

The league has no evidence that players are circumventing the drug testing regime.  However, they have concerns about players’ activities during their six-week summer holidays and during extended injury layoffs.

Doping concerns are certainly valid.  If feasible, the Premier League should institute more stringent, universal testing.  However, arbitrarily preselecting players based on suspicion and crawling up said players’ nether regions with a speculum hardly seems the most-efficient, sensible method to curb potentially dangerous drug use.

Update: Not surprisingly, the Professional Footballers Association does not approve of the plan, citing an invasion of privacy.

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Headlines: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Pit Stains

ronaldo-241x300Cristiano Ronaldo sweats, takes himself too seriously (Sports Crackle Pop)

Marca blames Platini for Gerrard’s Penalty (The Spoiler)

Maradona begins shrewdly, names Mascherano Argentina captain (4thegame)

Amaury Bischoff scored a goal (101 Great Goals)

Wayne Rooney’s new doo may bode well for England (Guardian)

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Ben Foster Will Start for United Against Celtic

benfoster4Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster will debut in Europe Wednesday evening in their Championship matchup against Celtic.

Foster signed for Manchester United in 2005, for a £1m transfer fee.  The 25-year-old played two seasons at Watford on loan, but missed most of last season due to a knee injury.

Should Foster receive regular time, at Manchester United or another club, he should be a prominent candidate to start for England.

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Beckham Can Leave MLS After 2009 Season

David Beckham can cancel his MLS contract after the 2009 season.

The 33-year-old midfielder signed a five-year contract in 2006, for a $32.5 million base salary plus incentives.  Unacknowledged by either party, was a clause permitting Beckham to void the final two years.  In MLS contracts, the team most often controls options not the player.  This would allow Beckham to leave as a free agent in 2009.

This knowledge makes next season crucial for the Galaxy.  Beckham has mired through two incompetent seasons in 2007 and 2008.  With the roster gutted and Landon Donovan possibly off to Europe, the 2009 outlook isn’t much better.  For someone as competitive and accustomed to victory as Beckham, the losing may become intolerable.

Though Beckham has lifestyle, financial and sentimental reasons to stay in Los Angeles, likely European opportunities may be too good to ignore.  Particularly, if he remains within the England fold, leading to the 2010 World Cup.

If Beckham does return to Europe, he leaves for free rather than the assumed lucrative transfer fee.

Beckham may be a classy guy, but Bruce Arena and the Galaxy need to reverse the club’s results, quickly.

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