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Oh the media monkeys and their junket junkies will invite you to their plastic pantomime. Throw their invites away.

Headlines: Elano to Spurs?


Spurs will sign Elano, because you can never have too many ball-playing attacking midfielders. (Caught Offside)

Gemma Atkinson called off her engagement with Marcus Bent.  I was sure that relationship had 60 years all over it. (Sports Crackle Pop)

Zenit are “hopeful” Arsenal spend silly money on Arshavin. (The Spoiler)

Ben Foster wants to leave Manchester United. (Soccerlens)

Fat and Orange are concerned over Arsenal board developments.


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Headlines: Steven Gerrard is Cheap

stevengerrard_897_18082264_0_0_7435_300Steven Gerrard is a cheeseparing bastard, charging friends and family for tickets. (The Spoiler)

Here are the ten most valuable footballers in the world. (Kornheiser’s Cartel)

Ukraine may be too weak to hold Euro 2012, leaving Poland to go it alone. (Sport Business)

Cheryl Cole represented in Pop Art. (The Beautiful Game)

Elano is Brazilian, but the cornrows aren’t a good look. (Off the Post)

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Headlines: Lando to Leave Galaxy?

landon_donovan-21Landon is training at Bayern. (Soccer by Ives)

Chelsea must build a new stadium at Battersea Power Station. (EPLTalk)

Manchester United was really excited to play Arsenal. (Kickette)

Elano isn’t a happy camper. (101 Great Goals)

South African Gold company may buy portsmouth for £70m (The Original Winger)

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Headlines: Zimbabwe Led By a Cougar

Zimbabwe’s FA CEO is a hardcore cougar (Unprofessional Foul)

Michael Owen Injured? No way. (4thegame)

Mourinho may want Elano from Manchester City (BBC Sport)

Barcelona may be a front-runner for MLS bid (Goal)

Manchester City remove last traces of Thaksin Shinawatra (Sky Sports)

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