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One Step Closer to Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo Trademarks “CR9”

ronaldopfa2007Cristiano Ronaldo has copyrighted “CR9” in his home country of Portugal, sparking even further speculation he’s off to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo already owns “CR7,” emblazoned on a boutique and other merchandise. 

Should he move to Real Madrid, however, Ronaldo would need to change his number as Raul already wears the number 7 shirt.

The 23-year-old already announced he’s learning Spanish.  A Portuguese bank has a sponsorship deal with him that kicks in, if he moves to Spain.

The only worse kept secret than Ronaldo moving to Real Madrid next summer is LeBron signing with the Knicks in 2010.


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Headlines: White Lines Could Run Through Robbie Fowlers Mind in Chicago Next Season


Robbie Fowler may be snorting in front of Section 8 next season. (MLS Rumors)

Dean Windass’ blog drove transfer dealings. (Soccerlens)

Jermain Defoe rocked the Oliver Twist look on his first day back at Tottenham. (Off the Post)

Leo Messi is not a Cristiano Ronaldo fan. (Dirty Tackle)

Freddy Adu started and played well against Juventus, but in a friendly. (Soccer By Ives)

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World Best XI for 2008/09 Season


I find best of the calendar year lists arbitrary.  It’s difficult to assess a players’ performance across three separate competitions and adorn them with adequate weight.  So, here is my Best XI for the season thus far.

Shay Given (Newcastle) – Goalkeeper may have been the hardest position to pick.  Buffon’s been injured.  Iker hasn’t really asserted his dominion over Real Madrid’s net of late.  He faces so much abuse as Newcastle’s keeper he was soundly praised for only allowing five goals against Liverpool.  If he would move to be a bigger club, he would receive his deserved recognition.  Without him Newcastle would be relegated.

Nemanja Vidic (Man U) – United have not conceded a goal in six Premier League games.  Rio Ferdinand is considered one of the best defenders in the world.  Vidic is a primary cause of both occurrences.

Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) ­– Chiellini is the best defender in his league, which says something when you play in Italy.  He’s not the best on the ball, but one of the hardest men in the game on the back line.

Dani Alves (Barcelona) – Alves is difficult to classify as a defender.  Right Back (Brazilian) probably would designate him best.  But, he’s been an integral catalyst for Barcelona this season.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea) – In the loaded Chelsea midfield, Lampard shines the brightest.  He scores goals and can create with his passing.  He’s slightly less explosive than Gerrard, but far more consistent throughout a match.  Wearing a Chelsea shirt, he’s fantastic.

Javier Mascherano (Liverpool) – Mascherano is the rock in Liverpool’s midfield that stabilizes Gerrard’s tactical insanity.  Makelele made Chelsea into a title-winning team.  Mascherano may do the same for Liverpool this season.

Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich) – As Rafael Hoinigstein terms him, Ribery is “the last anarchist of European football.”  He’s toiled with some anonymity outside of a top three league.  But, with his combination of work-rate and technical ability, he’s a fantastic player.

Lionel Messi (Barcelona)– Messi is the most talented player in the world.  If he can stay healthy, he’s the best or right there in the discussion.  He has so far this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man U) – He’s having an off year compared to his masterpiece last season.  That said, an off year for him is still scoring eight goals in 15 appearances in the Premier League.

Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona) – Barca may have made their signing of the season not shedding Samuel Eto’o in the summer.  He’s made 15 appearances in the league and scored 15 goals.  Easy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan) – Zlatan’s known derisively as the YouTube phenomenon, but you have to be damn good to score a YouTube caliber goal.  He has, nearly singlehandedly, kept the inaugural Mourinho campaign credible.

Are there any omissions?  Do you think you can come up with a better team?  Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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Monday EPL Result: Manchester United 1-0 Middlesbrough

berbatovDimitar Berbatov scored for Manchester United against Middlesbrough.  Undoubtedly, this now justifies spending £31.5m on him last summer and losing Carlos Tevez.

Manchester United has scored only four goals in their last six Premier League games, but have earned 14 points, with four 1-0 victories and no concessions.

Would a content Cristiano Ronaldo get chippy with Emmanuel Pogatetz?

Middlesbrough have lost five of eight and have not won in the league since Nov. 11.

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Real Madrid Claim To Have Signed Cristiano Ronaldo

Football’s longest running super-saga that no one cares about has resurfaced en force.  Real Madrid’s director Pedro Trapote told the newspaper El Mundo the club have an agreement to buy Cristiano Ronaldo next summer, but can’t yet announce it officially.

cristiano-ronaldo-portugal1“If you are asking me what we are going to do now then I would tell you that we are going to do now then I would tell you that we have already signed the best player for the summer,” Trapote said.  “The best of the best.  It is Cristiano, there is no other.  It is better that we do not say anything at the moment though.”

“There are some clauses that prevent us from announcing it now.”

Real Madrid president Roman Calderon had said the club would halt its pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo, after making eyes at him all summer.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, forced to speak to the media at the Club World Cup, denied a deal was in place.

“You don’t think we’d get into a contract with that mob, do you? Jesus Christ.” Ferguson said.  “I wouldn’t sell them a virus.  So that’s no — there is no agreement between the clubs.”

Cristiano Ronaldo refused comment.

There are two endings to this nauseating story.  First, Ronaldo says, without coercion, he wants to play for Manchester United.  Second, Manchester United sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid.  Unfortunately, neither appears imminent.

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When Will Footballers Discover Free Agency?

cristiano-ronaldo-portugalBaseball pitcher CC Sabathia recently signed an eight-year $161 million contract with the New York Yankees.  His salary, approximately £15m per year, would make him the highest paid footballer in the world.  International football bandies about similar outrageous sums, in the form of transfer fees that go to the club not the players.  This begs the question, why have footballers not discovered free agency?

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid over the summer, just a year after signing a £120,000 per week contract with Manchester United.  The club want him to stay this season and likely next season, but eventually they will sell him to Madrid or elsewhere for a big payday, possibly £70-£100m.  To maintain control over Ronaldo, United will likely placate him with an extended contract and include a substantial raise.

However, if you were Ronaldo, why would you sign the extension?  His current contract with United expires in 2012, when he will be 27-years-old, with at least four years of top-level play left in him.  Why wouldn’t he bide his time until free agency at that point.

There’s a certain cache to being the subject of a record transfer deal, but Ronaldo won’t see that money, it hamstrings the club with whom he’s negotiating and he only gets to negotiate with that one club.  He derives no benefit from the large transfer deal.  Ronaldo may get a fat contract with Real Madrid, but he’s hardly realizing his potential.

If he became a free agent at the end of his contract, he arrives at an outrageous discount.  Teams can divert the transfer money into Ronaldo’s salary.  He can also negotiate with as many teams as he likes and auction himself to the highest bidder.  Coming for free, Ronaldo could start the bidding at £300,000 per week, involving all the big clubs in England, Spain and Italy.

Moreover, this possibility increases his leverage.  If United know that Ronaldo won’t resign, they will try to deal him before he leaves, to recover some value.  To agree to a deal with Real Madrid, Madrid would be forced to pre-empt him becoming a free agent, and pay him more. Ronaldo, rather than the clubs, would hold the transfer conch.

Who will be the first player who figures that out?  Will the players’ totally above-board agents let them?

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Headlines: C-Ron Bags a Mail-Order Bride

cristiano-ronaldo-entertainerCristiano Ronaldo has a new flame, a millionaire’s Ukranian mail-order bride. (The Spoiler)

The FA, with its usual due process, finally suspends Patrice Evra for an incident last April, thereby redirecting everyone’s attention to a blight forgotten. (The Original Winger)

The best soccer quotes of the season. (Soccerlens)

David Beckham bungee-jumped in New Zealand. (Off the Post)

Tomas Rosicky will be out until March, at the earliest. (BBC Sport)

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What is the Guardian Implying about Cristiano Ronaldo?

ronaldoheadlinethumbnailNot that there’s anything wrong with that.

Thanks to Dave’s Football Blog.

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Ronaldo Wins the Ballon d’Or

cronaldohotpantsFrance Football has announced the 2008 Ballon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo.  The Manchester United winger scored 42 goals in 46 appearances, leading United to domestic and European glory.  He earned 77 out of 96 first place votes and 446 points from a possible 480.  Lionel Messi and Fernando Torres were runners up.

In keeping with the English football tradition, here is some meaningless historical context.  Ronaldo becomes the first English-based player to win the award since Michael Owen in 2001.  He is the first Manchester United player to win since the appropriately named George Best in 1968.  He also joins Eusebio and Luis Figo, as the third Portuguese player to win it.

Ronaldo undoubtedly deserved this award.  He excelled individually, and, contrasting Torres and Messi, his effort led to success for his club.  Ronaldo had a subpar Euro 2008, but previous winner Kaka didn’t deign to appear at Copa America so that should not disqualify him.

Ronaldo may be a cocksure bastard and a pantomime villain.  He wears hot pants in public.  He gets overrated by the English language media for playing in the Premier League.  His muse is himself rather than the team.

That said, in an era overrun by physical marvels and negative tactics, Ronaldo is a true individualist.  For all his faults, he’s dynamic, entertaining and a novelty and, at least last season, the best player in Europe.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Flamboyant Goal Celebration in FIFA 09

The Portuguese Man-O-Sex may be batting for the other team according to FIFA 09.  Given his popularity in the gay community, I’m sure they’d be happy to have him.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Thanks to Off the Post

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