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Tuesday Headlines: City Blame Milan for Failed Kaka Transfer

6275067Manchester City believe AC Milan spoiled the Kaka transfer by going public. (101 Great Goals)

Manchester United’s new home shirt. (EPL Talk)

Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to talk about winning the title, which is convenient because everyone knows they are out of the race. (Arsenal Mania)

Can Hoffenheim continue their dream season without Ibisevic? (Unprofessional Foul)

Manchester United have only come from behind in a second leg once. (Chickendinner)


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Wednesday Headlines: Did Nike Make Ronaldo Choose Corinthians?


Flamengo think Nike engineered Ronaldo’s move to Corinthians. (Goal)

Everybody Loves Beckham. (The Beautiful Game)

Wenger tells fans to expect more from Bendtner.  So he’s going to wear an all-pink wardrobe and leak Arsene’s new age handouts as well as the lineup to the opposition? (Arsenal-Mania)

Ten worst transfer fees of all time. (The Spoiler)

The Madoff scandal may have prevented the Mets’ owners from buying Newcastle (SportsbyBrooks)

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Headlines: Arsenal Interested in Stephen Ireland?


If Arsene Wenger desires players with class, surely, this rules out a transfer for Stephen Ireland. (News of the World)

Cheryl Cole is having difficulty getting a work permit in the U.S., because of a 2003 assault conviction. (WAGS Blog)

Juventus’ equipment manager was caught stealing thousands of jerseys for black market sale. (The Beautiful Game)

David Beckham charges $730,000 for an interview. (The Spoiler)

A Spanish official gave out 19 red cards. (The Guardian)

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Headlines: £400,000 for Theo Walcott?

theo-walcott_01NBA teams are not the only ones awaiting the Summer of 2010.  Theo Walcott, unsigned beforehand, could leave Arsenal for just £400,000. (The Daily Express)

Robin Van Persie is a darts aficionado. (Off The Post)

ADug will give Mark Hughes time to rebuild City’s squad. (Man City Blog)

Arsene Wenger will only bring in players of “a special class” in January.  If only he had such requirements for his starting XI… (The Guardian)

Manchester City and Inter Milan could swap Brazilian wastrels. (The Daily Mail)

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Wenger Whines About Refs, Ignores the Obvious


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has accused Aston Villa’s coaching staff of pressuring referees during the teams’ 2-2 draw on Friday.  Wenger believes this badgering may have influenced referee Lee Mason’s decision to award a crucial penalty against William Gallas in the second half.

“I know how it works here,” Wenger said.  “At half-time the referee gets stick and in the second half every little 50-50 decision goes the other way.  That’s what happens.  I waited at halftime to see what happened and I was disappointed.  There is nothing to explain more than that.”

Villa manager Martin O’Neil admitted sending assistant John Robertson to speak to Mason at halftime, but to get an explanation for why Gabby Agbonlahor did not receive a free kick leading up to Denilson’s opening goal.

The whine of sour grapes helps little.  Having a squad where Alex Song is not starting in central midfield in the most crucial fixture of the season with an overmatched 18-year-old deputizing would benefit Arsenal far more.

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Will Arsenal Release the Purse Strings for David Villa, Others?


Arsenal may unleash their financial gravitas this January, to rejuvenate their league campaign and to fortify their chances in other competitions.

The Daily Mail, admittedly not the best source, speculates that the Arsenal board authorized Wenger to spend for squad improvements, even if that means a big name player, such as Valencia striker David Villa.  The board met recently to set transfer policy and American member Stan Kroenke, only present for crucial meetings, flew to London for it.

Arsenal need to supplement their thin, inexperienced and mentally battered squad.  They could do with a flinty midfielder, a central defender, a natural wide player and, perhaps, another striker. 

Their primary impetus should be to keep Cesc Fabregas in an Arsenal shirt.  To do that, they need a squad capable of winning trophies, which this season requires fresh faces.

The loss of morale and revenue from a finish outside England’s Top Four, would be drastically more painful than money expended to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Financially, the club stands more firmly than most in the current crisis.  With clubs such as West Ham and Valencia in danger of ruin and potential rivals in a whirl of debt, there are bargains to be had and now is the time.

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Headlines: Sever Djeparov Has Quite a Coiff


Server Djeparov was named Asian Player of the Year.  Impressive, but not as impressive as his haircut. (Off the Post)

Arsene Wenger reiterated Arsenal’s healthy financial position. (Arsenal Mania)

If that is the case, here are five players Wenger should buy. (The Spoiler)

This man may help him, Ivan Gazidis, the new CEO at Arsenal (Soccer By Ives)

Seattle Sounders had their expansion draft. (The Other Football)

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Aston Villa Vanquish Impotent Arsenal: Has Wenger Finally Lost It?


Aston Villa will rue their saved penalty and missed chances.  Rather than staining Arsenal’s season they merely beat them soundly 2-0 at the Emirates.  Villa outmanaged, outplayed and outsmarted Arsenal.  For a team that often whines about teams not wanting to play football, they made no effort to do so themselves.  They might as well have defecated on the club crest.  Wenger spoke of consistency in the post-match press conference, but, unfortunately for him, this form has been consistent.

Wenger’s argument for his smaller defenders is that they are more mobile.  With John Carew out, size was not a factor.  Arsenal had no retort for Ashley Young and Gabby Agbonlahlor.  Villa beat them at their own mobile game.

Arsenal’s midfield showed a startling paucity of determination and creativity.  Not playing an equally slender Manchester United, the five-man solution for midfield did not solve their Flamini-sized dilemma.  Second wave attackers for Villa often ran through unmarked.

The Gunners did miss Adebayor for the start with injury and Robin Van Persie for the entirety with stupidity, but Bendtner’s place in the squad must seriously be questioned.  If a player would not be in a first-choice starting XI for Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Hull City, Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth, Fulham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Bolton, West Ham, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Newcastle, Blackburn or Tottenham why is he Arsenal’s second-choice striker?  

Bendtner is slow, immobile, immature and lazy.  He’s ineffective without perfect linkup play.  When he gets said play, he’s discombobulated and a sub-par finisher.  Credit his confidence, but he really shouldn’t be with one goal in eight appearances in the league.

This crisis at Arsenal is what it appears.  The logical arguments against this Arsenal team were well placed.  Wenger has not outsmarted everyone.  Far from it.  The defense of “it’s Arsene Wenger” no longer suffices for this squad’s amateurish effort.  If he truly was the great Arsene Wenger, he would fix it.

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Capello the Chip Nazi

capelloFabio Capello revealed one of his blueprints for England’s success, dietary restrictions.

The Italian manager banned both fries and ketchup from the team, stressing the benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

His regime resembles the diet imposed at Arsenal by Arsene Wenger, which limits players’ intakes of fat and sugar, emphasizing vegetables, rice and lean protein.

There has, however, been a voice of dissent from noted dietary expert Harry Redknapp.

I know the odd indulgence doesn’t hurt players from time to time…besides, what can you do? Can you follow a player home to check if his missus is giving him steak and kidney pie for tea instead of pasta?

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Headlines: Breast Milk Did Theo Walcott Good


Theo Walcott, breast-feeding proponent (The Mirror)

Walcott and Capi could face Man United on Saturday (BBC Sport)

Video evidence of Messi spitting at another player (101 Great Goals)

Arsene Wenger accuses Stoke of playing to strengths, trying to win match (Soccernet)

Paul Ince is not a sexist (The Original Winger)

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