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TBL: Beckham Considers Staying in Milan, MLS Should Let Him


Here is my latest post for The Big Lead.  The title explains fairly, what the article is about.


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Goal: Julio Baptista Winner vs. Torino

Bicycle kicks are normally overrated.  This one was pure skill.

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Kaka Stays With AC Milan, Rejects Record Manchester City Bid

16578kakaIt’s not all about the Benjamins, nor, apparently, is it all about the Elizabeths.

Brazilian star Kaka rejected Manchester City’s £500,000 per week offer to stay with AC Milan, thwarting what would have been the largest transfer in the history of international football.

“After Saturday’s game many people showed me their support,” Kaka said.  “I have received drawings by kids trying to convince me to stay.  It was wonderful.  I remember when I left Sao Paolo some fans protested against me, here they all stand by my side instead.  I’m currently celebrating this decision at home with a couple of friends.”

Milan had accepted a £91m bid for the 26-year-old and allowed Manchester City to negotiate.  Despite Manchester City offering to triple his salary – he’s already currently the top-paid player in Serie A – Kaka would not agree to a transfer.

Manchester City called off the deal, convinced Kaka would not reconsider.

Stirred into a froth, Sky Blue supporters must content themselves with Craig Bellamy.

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AC Milan Reject £91m ($132m) Offer from Manchester City for Kaka

200px-kaka061115Manchester City made a record-breaking £91m ($132m) bid to AC Milan for Brazilian star Kaka.  Milan rejected it.

The transfer would have trumped the record £46m paid by Real Madrid to Juventus for Zinedine Zidane in 2001.  Reports indicated Manchester City were willing to offer Kaka £500,000 per week, roughly three times the current top salary in the Premier League.

Kaka’s agent said the 26-year-old would have spoken to Manchester City, should the club have agreed to a fee with A.C. Milan.  Though, Kaka expressed his wish to stay with the Rossoneri.

“What happens will be decided by Milan.  I will be here until they don’t want me here,” Kaka said.  “As long as my aims are the same as the club’s aims, I would like to remain here.”

Rejecting the offer was sensible for Milan.  Kaka is irreplaceable, even a palatable replacement could cost £30m.  Milan receives a minimum of about £40m for playing in the Champions League next season, far more likely with Kaka than without him.

Because Kaka has a ten-percent fee clause, £9.1m of the transfer money would have gone directly to him.

UPDATE: The deal may not be off after all.

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Marcello Lippi’s Comments Weren’t Homophobic, Why the Commotion?

marcellolippiMarcello Lippi aroused controversy for the following comment about gay soccer players.

“I don’t think there are any gay players, or at least in 40 years of my career I have never met any. It could well be that there are a few with these tendencies, but they don’t go around telling people about it. Considering the way football players are, it really would be a complicated condition to deal with in the locker room. If someone came to me and confessed they were gay, I would advise them to not let any of that affect them, just concentrate on their profession and feel free to do what they want in their private lives.”

I understand the comments are mildly insensitive, what would you expect from an elderly Italian man?  But break down what he said, was it really that odious?  Here are Lippi’s points.

He’s never encountered a footballer he knew or thought was gay.  Can’t fault him for that.

He concedes the possibility of a player living a double life.  Fair enough.

He recognizes that, given the climate of a football dressing room, it would be a contentious issue. That’s true, however unfortunate.

If someone came out to him, he would advise the player to concentrate on football and live how he wishes in private.  What else would you advise?

What did he say here that is so outrageous?

In an ideal world, everyone without issue would accept a player’s sexuality.  We don’t live in that world.  No one else can force or suggest to a player that he should ostracize himself by coming out.  One day, a footballer will.  Eventually, we may be a better society for it.  But, that’s an individual decision, not something to force or advise.

Equally, you can’t criticize someone for not being a revolutionary.  It would have been wonderful had Lippi taken an effusively progressive stand on the issue of gay players.  But, you can’t criticize him for not doing so.

What Lippi said was a mainstream sentiment.  He made no inflammatory or abusive remarks.  It may not be perfectly gay friendly, but it’s hardly homophobic.

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Moggi Sentenced in GEA World Transfer Scandal


An Italian court convicted former Juventus GM Luciano Moggi of corruption in the GEA World transfer scandal.  He faces an 18-month prison sentence, which may be reduced or nullified on appeal.

Moggi used violence and threats to coerce players into signing with the GEA World management agency, controlled by his son Alessandro.  The agency would then force players to sign with specific clubs, presumably to benefit Juventus.

The scandal is distinct from Moggi’s involvement in the 2006 Calciopoli match-fixing scandal.  He is currently serving a five-year ban from Italian football for that, and faces a separate criminal trial.

Classy guy.

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Beckham Will Be a Bachelor In Italy

david-beckhamDavid Beckham is now flying solo, for his stay in Italy.

“Everyone knows how much I love my wife and children,” Beckham told the Times.  “My children will remain in Los Angeles due to school and Victoria will remain with them.  When she comes to Milan she will remain with me for a couple of days.”

For Beckham the footballer, this probably quashes notions of Beckham permanently relocating.

For Beckham the international celebrity, the tabloids quiver in anticipation.

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World Best XI for 2008/09 Season


I find best of the calendar year lists arbitrary.  It’s difficult to assess a players’ performance across three separate competitions and adorn them with adequate weight.  So, here is my Best XI for the season thus far.

Shay Given (Newcastle) – Goalkeeper may have been the hardest position to pick.  Buffon’s been injured.  Iker hasn’t really asserted his dominion over Real Madrid’s net of late.  He faces so much abuse as Newcastle’s keeper he was soundly praised for only allowing five goals against Liverpool.  If he would move to be a bigger club, he would receive his deserved recognition.  Without him Newcastle would be relegated.

Nemanja Vidic (Man U) – United have not conceded a goal in six Premier League games.  Rio Ferdinand is considered one of the best defenders in the world.  Vidic is a primary cause of both occurrences.

Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) ­– Chiellini is the best defender in his league, which says something when you play in Italy.  He’s not the best on the ball, but one of the hardest men in the game on the back line.

Dani Alves (Barcelona) – Alves is difficult to classify as a defender.  Right Back (Brazilian) probably would designate him best.  But, he’s been an integral catalyst for Barcelona this season.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea) – In the loaded Chelsea midfield, Lampard shines the brightest.  He scores goals and can create with his passing.  He’s slightly less explosive than Gerrard, but far more consistent throughout a match.  Wearing a Chelsea shirt, he’s fantastic.

Javier Mascherano (Liverpool) – Mascherano is the rock in Liverpool’s midfield that stabilizes Gerrard’s tactical insanity.  Makelele made Chelsea into a title-winning team.  Mascherano may do the same for Liverpool this season.

Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich) – As Rafael Hoinigstein terms him, Ribery is “the last anarchist of European football.”  He’s toiled with some anonymity outside of a top three league.  But, with his combination of work-rate and technical ability, he’s a fantastic player.

Lionel Messi (Barcelona)– Messi is the most talented player in the world.  If he can stay healthy, he’s the best or right there in the discussion.  He has so far this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man U) – He’s having an off year compared to his masterpiece last season.  That said, an off year for him is still scoring eight goals in 15 appearances in the Premier League.

Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona) – Barca may have made their signing of the season not shedding Samuel Eto’o in the summer.  He’s made 15 appearances in the league and scored 15 goals.  Easy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan) – Zlatan’s known derisively as the YouTube phenomenon, but you have to be damn good to score a YouTube caliber goal.  He has, nearly singlehandedly, kept the inaugural Mourinho campaign credible.

Are there any omissions?  Do you think you can come up with a better team?  Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous Prostitute Claims Top Italian Soccer League Has “a Dozen” Gay Players and Some Bisexuals

The Big Lead » Blog Archive » Anonymous Prostitute Claims Top Italian Soccer League Has “a Dozen” Gay Players and Some Bisexuals.

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Adriano Booted From Inter Training for Drunkenness


Jose Mourinho sent Adriano home from training, after the Brazilian striker arrived at Inter’s training ground still drunk.  Maicon also got the boot for showing up in a similar state.

The 26-year-old has dealt with alcoholism and depression that derailed his once promising career.  He seemed to recover form at the beginning of the season.  Though, it’s apparent his issues are not resolved.

Mourinho dropped Adriano for five straight matches, after a similar incident Oct. 28 when he arrived late.  He had re-entered the squad just last Tuesday, for the Champions League tie against Werder Bremen.

According to Gazzetta Adriano missed two additional training sessions last month because of “fever.”

Adriano probably needs a change of scenery to resurrect his career (and his life.)  That may come more quickly than he intended.

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