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Calderon Resigns as Real Madrid President

ramon_calderonReal Madrid president Ramon Calderon resigned his position at the club, after the revelation of vote rigging at the club’s assembly in December.

Marca, normally de facto PR for Real Madrid, named ten individuals whom Calderon was accused of planting at the club’s assembly.  The false members allegedly voted for Calderon and operated loudly for him.

On Wednesday, Calderon fired Luis Barcena, the club’s director of members, and, Nanin, a 25-year-old employee who acknowledged sneaking in the candidates.  He did not say why, only that he had followed orders.

Calderon insisted he did not know the men, but a follow-up report connected four of the men with Calderon’s family.

He faced pressure for many grievances, notably failing to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas.

Calderon was elected in 2006.  He faced another election in 2010.

The strife at the top already adds to an unstable managerial situation and tension from their adrift league position.


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World Best XI for 2008/09 Season


I find best of the calendar year lists arbitrary.  It’s difficult to assess a players’ performance across three separate competitions and adorn them with adequate weight.  So, here is my Best XI for the season thus far.

Shay Given (Newcastle) – Goalkeeper may have been the hardest position to pick.  Buffon’s been injured.  Iker hasn’t really asserted his dominion over Real Madrid’s net of late.  He faces so much abuse as Newcastle’s keeper he was soundly praised for only allowing five goals against Liverpool.  If he would move to be a bigger club, he would receive his deserved recognition.  Without him Newcastle would be relegated.

Nemanja Vidic (Man U) – United have not conceded a goal in six Premier League games.  Rio Ferdinand is considered one of the best defenders in the world.  Vidic is a primary cause of both occurrences.

Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) ­– Chiellini is the best defender in his league, which says something when you play in Italy.  He’s not the best on the ball, but one of the hardest men in the game on the back line.

Dani Alves (Barcelona) – Alves is difficult to classify as a defender.  Right Back (Brazilian) probably would designate him best.  But, he’s been an integral catalyst for Barcelona this season.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea) – In the loaded Chelsea midfield, Lampard shines the brightest.  He scores goals and can create with his passing.  He’s slightly less explosive than Gerrard, but far more consistent throughout a match.  Wearing a Chelsea shirt, he’s fantastic.

Javier Mascherano (Liverpool) – Mascherano is the rock in Liverpool’s midfield that stabilizes Gerrard’s tactical insanity.  Makelele made Chelsea into a title-winning team.  Mascherano may do the same for Liverpool this season.

Frank Ribery (Bayern Munich) – As Rafael Hoinigstein terms him, Ribery is “the last anarchist of European football.”  He’s toiled with some anonymity outside of a top three league.  But, with his combination of work-rate and technical ability, he’s a fantastic player.

Lionel Messi (Barcelona)– Messi is the most talented player in the world.  If he can stay healthy, he’s the best or right there in the discussion.  He has so far this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man U) – He’s having an off year compared to his masterpiece last season.  That said, an off year for him is still scoring eight goals in 15 appearances in the Premier League.

Samuel Eto’o (Barcelona) – Barca may have made their signing of the season not shedding Samuel Eto’o in the summer.  He’s made 15 appearances in the league and scored 15 goals.  Easy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan) – Zlatan’s known derisively as the YouTube phenomenon, but you have to be damn good to score a YouTube caliber goal.  He has, nearly singlehandedly, kept the inaugural Mourinho campaign credible.

Are there any omissions?  Do you think you can come up with a better team?  Leave a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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Real Madrid Claim To Have Signed Cristiano Ronaldo

Football’s longest running super-saga that no one cares about has resurfaced en force.  Real Madrid’s director Pedro Trapote told the newspaper El Mundo the club have an agreement to buy Cristiano Ronaldo next summer, but can’t yet announce it officially.

cristiano-ronaldo-portugal1“If you are asking me what we are going to do now then I would tell you that we are going to do now then I would tell you that we have already signed the best player for the summer,” Trapote said.  “The best of the best.  It is Cristiano, there is no other.  It is better that we do not say anything at the moment though.”

“There are some clauses that prevent us from announcing it now.”

Real Madrid president Roman Calderon had said the club would halt its pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo, after making eyes at him all summer.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, forced to speak to the media at the Club World Cup, denied a deal was in place.

“You don’t think we’d get into a contract with that mob, do you? Jesus Christ.” Ferguson said.  “I wouldn’t sell them a virus.  So that’s no — there is no agreement between the clubs.”

Cristiano Ronaldo refused comment.

There are two endings to this nauseating story.  First, Ronaldo says, without coercion, he wants to play for Manchester United.  Second, Manchester United sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid.  Unfortunately, neither appears imminent.

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El Classico: Barcelona Beat Real Madrid 2-0

messi-pic-14Real Madrid played stern defense and Iker Casillas saved a penalty, but the Juande Revolution could not overcome a relentless Barcelona side. 

Samuel Eto’o gave Los Cules the lead in the 83rd minute and Thierry Henry assisted on a late Messi goal to seal the result.

The loss leaves Real Madrid 12 points adrift from Barcelona, in fifth.  If Atletico Madrid and Deportiva La Coruna win tomorrow, Madrid would drop to seventh.

The road appears better lit under Ramos, although it would with anyone after the mess Schuster made.  Special Juande has the talent to lead the club back to respectability.  Though, with consecutive upcoming fixtures with Valencia and Villarreal, it won’t be quickly.

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Real Madrid Sack Schuster, Hire Ramos

bernd-schusterReal Madrid have fired coach Bernd Schuster, replacing him with recently departed Tottenham manager Juande Ramos.  His contract lasts to the season’s end.

Schuster won the Spanish League at Real Madrid last season, however, the club’s awful form this year sealed his fate.  Real Madrid won just five of their past twelve in all competitions, conceding 24 goals.

Much of the problem has been a terrible run of injuries, although the frequency of muscle problems casts eyes back to the coaching staff.

Real sit in fifth-place, nine points behind leaders Barcelona.  They face the top three teams (Barcelona, Villarreal and Valencia) in their next three fixtures.

If Schuster’s situation had not been untenable enough, it surely became so when he publicly admitted his squad could not beat Barcelona.  “At the Camp Nou now, it’s not possible to win,” Schuster said.  “They are playing really well there and it’s their year.  We can just try and hopefully play a good game.”

Tottenham fired Ramos after an abysmal start to the English season.  However, he has extensive experience in Spain.  During his most recent stint with Sevilla, Ramos won two UEFA Cups and the Copa del Rey.

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Levante Linked to Match-Fixing Scandal in Spain

jugador3The Spanish consider themselves more upstanding on the football pitch than the Italians, but their posturing has lost a plank following their own top-flight match-fixing scandal.

Spanish TV played a recording where former Levante captain Inaki Descarga allegedly admits to Levante president Julio Romero that he and fellow teammates received payment to lose a match against Athletic Bilbao on the final day of the 2006-7 season. 

Athletic Bilbao won the match 2-0, avoiding relegation in place of Celta Vigo.

Descarga, now with Legia Warsaw, does not reveal the amount or the source of the bribe.

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Valencia Denies Bankruptcy Claims

david_villaValencia general director Javier Gomez denied that the Spanish club is going bankrupt.

“What is utterly false is that the club is in bankruptcy,” Gomez said.  “We are working hard to implement a viability plan that will give economic and financial stability to the club.”

Notably, Gomez admitted the club having “difficulties” financially.  He did not dismiss selling prized assets, David Silva or David Villa to pay creditors.

Gomez urges fans “to be calm,” though that seems unlikely.

Valencia won the Spanish League title in 2002 and 2004.  They are currently third in La Liga, five points behind leaders Barcelona.

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Schuster Remains Real Madrid Coach

bernd-schusterReal Madrid will not fire coach Bernd Schuster, yet.  Sporting Director Predrag Mijatovic gave Schuster the dreaded vote of confidence.

We have one of the best squads in the world and I am convinced that we can finish the year with a title.”

We have only played 11 games in the league and we are close to the top. We have total faith in our coach. We are all very happy with him. In recent games we have done as we have wished. Not only us, but him as well. We want to transmit calm and confidence to the fans.

Schuster seemed to be finished after losses to a third division side in the Copa Del Ray, consecutive losses to Juventus in the Champions League, and a defeat against Real Valladolid, beaten 6-0 by Barcelona the previous weekend.

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Crespo Could Join Real Madrid in January


Inter Milan striker Hernan Crespo may be Real Madrid’s replacement for Ruud Van Nistelrooy in January.  

The 33-year-old Argentine has been adrift in the Inter squad, making just three appearances this season.  He was also left off the Champions League roster.

Jose Mourinho seemed open to the idea.

“Them wanting him is logical,” Mourinho told Setanta. “It’s easy to understand that such a club as Real Madrid are thinking of Crespo, as there are not many talented strikers on the market that can replace Van Nistelrooy.

“Besides he can play the Champions League. He is a player that can be important for Real Madrid, but for Inter as well whereas I have too many players, 29.”

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Knee Injury Ends Van Nistelrooy’s Season

4107125Real Madrid striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy will miss the rest of the 2008/09 season, after having surgery on his right knee.  He should return for the start of next season.

The Dutchman appeared to have aggravated a knee injury, suffered in 2000 while playing for PSV.

Van Nistelrooy, 32, has rejuvenated his career since joining Real from Manchester United in 2006.  He scored 51 goals in 73 appearances the past two seasons.  He had seven goals in 10 appearances thus far this season.

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