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Will Robert Kraft Purchase Gillett’s Share of Liverpool? | EPL Talk

 Will Robert Kraft Purchase Gillett’s Share of Liverpool? | EPL Talk.

Here is my latest post for EPL Talk


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Roman Abramovich is Suing The Sunday Times

abramovichbluetieChelsea owner Roman Abramovich has taken legal action against the Sunday Times  for libel.

The British paper published this story, written by their business editor John Waples, claiming that Abramovich was considering selling Chelsea.  The club wants an injuction to prevent repetition of the report. 

Waples accused Abramovich of meeting with wealthy Arabs to gauge their interest.

Abramovich has been trimming expenses at Chelsea, after reporting billions of pounds worth of losses in the latest credit crisis.  The club received a miniscule transfer budget compared to previous years, he has also been allegedly charging players for their lunch.

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Fernando Torres Gessbra Commercial

I must agree with Kickette.  The smooth shoulder roll at the beginning is amazing.

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Tuesday Transfer Twaddle: Pennant to Portsmouth

jermaine-pennantOft-troubled Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant has accepted a temporary loan move to Portsmouth, to play for former Arsenal teammate Tony Adams.  Pennant deflected interest from AC Milan and Real Madrid, originally preferring to stay at Liverpool, despite not playing.  Who wouldn’t want a player with that type of ambition?

Bayern general manager Uli Hoeness’ raging jealousy of AC Milan has lingered after the Dubai trip.  Upset by the audacity of Milan’s 120 million euro valuation of Kaka, Hoeness has tried to one-up them, by claiming Franck Ribery is worth 150 million!  Unfortunately for Bayern, Ribery does want to leave eventually, possibly for free when his contract expires in 2011.

Talks between Arsenal and Zenit St. Petersburg for Andrei Arshavin have hit an impass, with Zenit demanding that the London club raise their bid from £10m to £15m.  Five million pounds is a substantial sum, of course.  So is the £40m they would lose by not qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Lukas Podolski will return, as speculated, to his former club FC Koln, with Koln essentially returning the £10m Bayern paid for him in 2006.  However, there’s still a solid six months of awkwardness before that happens, as the clubs will not consummate the deal until July 1.  The 23-year-old should have a fabulous sulk party on the bench with new signing Landon Donovan. 

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Kaka Stays With AC Milan, Rejects Record Manchester City Bid

16578kakaIt’s not all about the Benjamins, nor, apparently, is it all about the Elizabeths.

Brazilian star Kaka rejected Manchester City’s £500,000 per week offer to stay with AC Milan, thwarting what would have been the largest transfer in the history of international football.

“After Saturday’s game many people showed me their support,” Kaka said.  “I have received drawings by kids trying to convince me to stay.  It was wonderful.  I remember when I left Sao Paolo some fans protested against me, here they all stand by my side instead.  I’m currently celebrating this decision at home with a couple of friends.”

Milan had accepted a £91m bid for the 26-year-old and allowed Manchester City to negotiate.  Despite Manchester City offering to triple his salary – he’s already currently the top-paid player in Serie A – Kaka would not agree to a transfer.

Manchester City called off the deal, convinced Kaka would not reconsider.

Stirred into a froth, Sky Blue supporters must content themselves with Craig Bellamy.

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Benitez Rejects New Contract: How Much Longer Will Rafa Be the Gaffa?

rafa-benitez-2Rafa Benitez rejected a new Liverpool contract, because he will not be given complete autonomy over transfer policy.

Benitez wanted to hire a director of football type person, answerable to himself, who would handle transfer negotiations within a predetermined budget.  Current transfer control rests with chief executive Rick Parry.

Having that infrastructure would avoid situations similar to last summer’s Gareth Barry saga.  Benitez spent nearly three months orchestrating an £18m deal for the Villa midfielder, only to have it vetoed by the club’s owners.

According to the Times, Hicks supports that plan, but Gillett and Parry do not.

Real Madrid will be looking for a permanent manager after this season.  If Liverpool don’t sort the situation to the Benitez’s satisfaction, don’t discount a return to his home country.

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Manchester City Offers AC Milan $146 Mil for Kaka

The Big Lead » Blog Archive » Manchester City Offers AC Milan $146 Mil for Kaka.

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AC Milan Reject £91m ($132m) Offer from Manchester City for Kaka

200px-kaka061115Manchester City made a record-breaking £91m ($132m) bid to AC Milan for Brazilian star Kaka.  Milan rejected it.

The transfer would have trumped the record £46m paid by Real Madrid to Juventus for Zinedine Zidane in 2001.  Reports indicated Manchester City were willing to offer Kaka £500,000 per week, roughly three times the current top salary in the Premier League.

Kaka’s agent said the 26-year-old would have spoken to Manchester City, should the club have agreed to a fee with A.C. Milan.  Though, Kaka expressed his wish to stay with the Rossoneri.

“What happens will be decided by Milan.  I will be here until they don’t want me here,” Kaka said.  “As long as my aims are the same as the club’s aims, I would like to remain here.”

Rejecting the offer was sensible for Milan.  Kaka is irreplaceable, even a palatable replacement could cost £30m.  Milan receives a minimum of about £40m for playing in the Champions League next season, far more likely with Kaka than without him.

Because Kaka has a ten-percent fee clause, £9.1m of the transfer money would have gone directly to him.

UPDATE: The deal may not be off after all.

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Rafa Benitez’ Rant Against Sir Alex Ferguson

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FA and Premier League to Reopen Tevez Affair

carlos-tevez-1The FA and Premier League’s initial reluctance to act decisively has returned to bite them, as, nearly two years later, they must reopen the Tevez case.

West Ham signed Argentine starlets Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano under suspicious circumstances in Aug. 2006.  Both players were third-party owned, which should have prohibited West Ham from signing them under Premier League rules. 

West Ham filed dodgy paperwork to register the players, for which the club was later punished.  West Ham received a £5.5 million fine but escaped a points deduction, customary in such cases.  Carlos Tevez, remaining eligible, starred down the stretch in a miraculous run to avoid relegation.  Had West Ham been docked three points, they and not Sheffield United would have gone down.

Sheffield United already won a legal claim against West Ham, which could cost the club up to £50m.

New evidence has forced the FA and the Premier League to open another inquiry.  West Ham chief executive Scott Duxbury allegedly provided third-party owner Kia Joorabchian a series of “oral cuddles” that kept a de facto third-party agreement in place, despite assurances to the Premier League the deal had been terminated.

West Ham already faces financial peril due to the compensation payment and to their owner’s personal financial problems.  Finding a buyer could be unlikely, given the state of international credit markets.  This could see West Ham sent into administration this season and penalized ten points.  Should the club face further sanctions, it may seal their relegation.  

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