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Manchester City Star Robinho Implicated in Sexual Assault


Robinho’s tenure in England keeps getting better, for those quasi-humorously writing about it.

West Yorkshire Police arrested the 25-year-old Brazilian, over allegations of “serious sexual assault” Jan. 14 at the Space nightclub in Leeds.

Robinho cooperated, and was released “pending further inquiries.”  He returned to training and was in the lineup for today’s match against Newcastle.

The arrest comes a day after Robinho returned from an unauthorized jaunt home to Brazil, for which he was fined the maximum £320,000.  His trip was not a coincidental flit of fancy.  His birthday was on Sunday.  He also had expressed frustration about City’s failure to land Kaka.

Rare for a Brazilian footballer, Robinho is known to like the ladies.  At an October 2007 party for the Brazilian National Team party, he reportedly asked a subordinate to bring him 40 condoms.  Presumably, (or hopefully) the sheaths were not entirely for his personal use.

Robinho’s involvement in the assault case is unclear.  What is clear is that, despite performing well on the pitch, 12 goals in 19 appearances, he’s not the happiest camper at Eastlands, and the club hasn’t been particularly enamored with his antics.

Unfortunately for both, he will be at City for a while.  No club, in this economic climate, will approach his £32.5m transfer fee.  No club will pay nearly £160,000 per week salary.  Such is the folly of paying top dollar.


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