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Champions League Revenue: Why England’s Big Four Stays the Same

champions-league-logo1European clubs earn an average of £36m ($54m) for making the Champions League knockout stages, according to a Mastercard study.

Teams earn £2.8m from UEFA for Champions League qualification, £2.2m for participating in the Group Stage, £559,000 for a win and £280,000 for a draw.  Teams receive an additional £2m for knockout stage qualification.  A knockout qualifier would average £8.8m in prize money.

Teams then receive an additional £8.9m payment from UEFA, dependent on commercial success.  Teams also generate approximately £8m in ticketing revenue, with an additional £5.6m from commercial and marketing revenue.

Additionally, teams earn £2.3m for making the quarterfinals, £2.8m for the semifinals, £3.7m for being runners up and £6.5m for winning. 

Squad values also increase, on average, £5.6m for making the Champions League, £4.7m for qualifying for the knockout stages and £14m for winning the tournament.

The Champions League winner can earn up to £102m in combined revenue.


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  1. williamhill says:

    ahhh finally, some stats on the revenue on making the stages of cl.

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