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Newcastle Not So Shrewd With Owen Negotiations

michael-owen-5-31-08Newcastle want Michael Owen to stay, nixing a chance for the Champions League or more flattering environs in England.  The club brass devised a fiendish ploy to keep him, offering him a twenty-five percent pay cut.

The club offered Owen a three-year contract extension worth £80,000 per week.  His current contract pays him an estimated £105,000 per week.

Newcastle have an unstable ownership situation, an unstable manager and cannot guarantee they will remain in the Premier League next season.  Even in rosier times, Newcastle isn’t a swanky destination.

Michael Owen is no longer a £100,000 per week player.  A club likely will pay him £80,000 per week next year.  That club could be Champions League clubs, such as Liverpool and Chelsea.  It could be a brink club, such as Everton, Aston Villa or Manchester City. 

Why would he take a pay cut to fair market value to stay at Newcastle?  If anything, Newcastle should pay a premium for him to stay.

That offer is either incomprehensively stupid from Newcastle or a ruse to deceive the fans they aren’t resigned to his loss.


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