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Will Arsenal Release the Purse Strings for David Villa, Others?


Arsenal may unleash their financial gravitas this January, to rejuvenate their league campaign and to fortify their chances in other competitions.

The Daily Mail, admittedly not the best source, speculates that the Arsenal board authorized Wenger to spend for squad improvements, even if that means a big name player, such as Valencia striker David Villa.  The board met recently to set transfer policy and American member Stan Kroenke, only present for crucial meetings, flew to London for it.

Arsenal need to supplement their thin, inexperienced and mentally battered squad.  They could do with a flinty midfielder, a central defender, a natural wide player and, perhaps, another striker. 

Their primary impetus should be to keep Cesc Fabregas in an Arsenal shirt.  To do that, they need a squad capable of winning trophies, which this season requires fresh faces.

The loss of morale and revenue from a finish outside England’s Top Four, would be drastically more painful than money expended to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Financially, the club stands more firmly than most in the current crisis.  With clubs such as West Ham and Valencia in danger of ruin and potential rivals in a whirl of debt, there are bargains to be had and now is the time.


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2 Responses

  1. Villa was supposedly going to Man City, wasn’t he ?

    Arsenal have been inconsistent this season.

    They lose to the likes of Hull, Fulham and Stoke, and still manage to conjure up wins against Chelsea and Manchester United….

  2. tyduffy says:

    I don’t see Villa going to City. I think Valencia would love Villa to overpay for him, but, from what I have read, Villa’s very reluctant to leave Spain. I think if he has to leave Valencia his preference would be go to Madrid or Barca. Barca don’t need him. Madrid probably can’t afford him now that they bought Huntelaar.

    I think if he did go to England. Arsenal would be the most likely place, because of the cosmopolitan environment. Liverpool would be the best fit, but they don’t have the money.

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