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Aston Villa Vanquish Impotent Arsenal: Has Wenger Finally Lost It?


Aston Villa will rue their saved penalty and missed chances.  Rather than staining Arsenal’s season they merely beat them soundly 2-0 at the Emirates.  Villa outmanaged, outplayed and outsmarted Arsenal.  For a team that often whines about teams not wanting to play football, they made no effort to do so themselves.  They might as well have defecated on the club crest.  Wenger spoke of consistency in the post-match press conference, but, unfortunately for him, this form has been consistent.

Wenger’s argument for his smaller defenders is that they are more mobile.  With John Carew out, size was not a factor.  Arsenal had no retort for Ashley Young and Gabby Agbonlahlor.  Villa beat them at their own mobile game.

Arsenal’s midfield showed a startling paucity of determination and creativity.  Not playing an equally slender Manchester United, the five-man solution for midfield did not solve their Flamini-sized dilemma.  Second wave attackers for Villa often ran through unmarked.

The Gunners did miss Adebayor for the start with injury and Robin Van Persie for the entirety with stupidity, but Bendtner’s place in the squad must seriously be questioned.  If a player would not be in a first-choice starting XI for Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Hull City, Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth, Fulham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Bolton, West Ham, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Newcastle, Blackburn or Tottenham why is he Arsenal’s second-choice striker?  

Bendtner is slow, immobile, immature and lazy.  He’s ineffective without perfect linkup play.  When he gets said play, he’s discombobulated and a sub-par finisher.  Credit his confidence, but he really shouldn’t be with one goal in eight appearances in the league.

This crisis at Arsenal is what it appears.  The logical arguments against this Arsenal team were well placed.  Wenger has not outsmarted everyone.  Far from it.  The defense of “it’s Arsene Wenger” no longer suffices for this squad’s amateurish effort.  If he truly was the great Arsene Wenger, he would fix it.


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